A New Ministry Year

Sunday, April 3rd is the first Sunday in April, and a significant day in the life of FBC Morris. 

This represents the first Sunday of our church calendar year for fiscal and organizational structure. This new “Ministry Year” offers an opportunity to reflect on the multitude abundance of God’s evident graces and commit ourselves to seeking God’s will for the year to come. 

“This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23

Setting a solid foundation for this upcoming year allows us to focus on God’s truth and see it come alive in our lives. Our first focus this past Sunday was in exploring how a resurrection faith produces change in our everyday life. Each and every Sunday we gather on the first day of the week to rejoice in Christ’s resurrection. Every morning we experience new mercies for the day. It is because of Christ that we have this hope. 

Our worship service centered around our receptivity to the Word of God. Beginning with ‘Speak, O Lord’ we sang of God’s glory in giving us his Word to be studied, learned, and practiced. Pastor & Ranae’s special music of “I Am Resolved” started with a reading of our church’s Purpose Statement: 


The purpose of this church shall be to accomplish the will of the Lord Jesus Christ through the uniting of Christians in fellowship faithful to the Word of God, through preaching of the whole counsel of God, for the establishment of New Testament churches both at home and abroad, and for the observance of the Ordinances. 

Pastor concluded the Parable of the Soils in looking at Mark 4:10-20 with asking a question: “What kind of soil are you?” This parable leads us to question our receptivity to the Word of God. A few moments of silent prayer concluded our study, with a time to speak with God about our relationship to him and his Word. 

Our wonderful day together concluded with gathering around the Lord’s Table. It is always a delight to celebrate our Lord’s death til he comes (1 Cor 11) especially in close proximity to Easter and knowing that we serve a risen Savior. 

Please pray with us that God will do many great and mighty things through our church this upcoming ministry year.