Phil 2:5-11 "Living Like Christ"


"Live like Christ"

So often when we here the phrase "Live like Christ" it may be easy for us to pass it off as a Christian colloquialism. What does it truly mean to "Live like Christ"? Philippians 2:5-11 serves as the most profound example of living in humility for the sake of others - the essence of living like Christ. The short phrase, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" brings to memory the life that Christ lived so we could know God, so we could taste of his eternal salvation. That FOCUS out to guide our lives as we live in this world and seek to impact our community with the gospel. The humility that Christ expressed in vv. 6-8 stand as a testament to his desire to do God's will and an acknowledgement that he was serving us when he 'became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.' Verse 7 states that Christ was found in 'fashion as a man' meaning he took on the form of a man. Beyond that he looked to serve and that was evident to everyone he came in contact with. His FASHION was to serve. What is your fashion, what can you be characterized by? Finally, vv. 9-11 offer the greatest exaltation ever recorded. God gave Christ a "name that is above every name". Christ's FAME was nothing he longed for (for he was already God - Col 1:17-20), but how God showed his favor on his son. With the World Cup on the biggest stage, players and teams are being exalted and earning their fame. The exaltation of Christ is for eternity. 


Questions to consider as you "Live like Christ":

How is Jesus currently being exalted in my personal life? 

What am I doing to ensure that my family is exalting the Lord Jesus? 

How is our church seeking to exalt Jesus and point others to Him? 


- Pastor Micah Tanis