Growth Group 2017: 

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life


Chapter 1: The Spiritual Disciplines for the Purpose of Godliness

Chapter 1 introduced us to the Spiritual Disciplines and gave us a right context for understanding the benefit of practicing these biblical means of grace. 

Slides, Ch. 1 [PDF]      

Study Guide [PDF] 


       FBC Morris | 2017 Monthly Focus

Cultivating Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life

January       Bible Intake…for the Purpose of Godliness

February     Prayer…for the Purpose of Godliness

March         Worship

April            Evangelism

May             Serving

June             Stewardship

July             Fasting

August         Silence & Solitude

September    Journaling

October        Learning

November    Perseverance in the Disciplines

December    Putting it all Together